6 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Traveling to Russia

A photo of a busy street in Russia Find out what you should avoid doing when traveling to Russia.

Russia is a country of power and beauty. It boasts remarkable architecture, long-standing traditions, and beautiful Russian women that are strong-willed and kind-hearted. The largest country in the world by landmass has witnessed an interesting history of Russian historical figures and strong political leaders, in which people have learned to reflect values such as discipline, independence, strength, and intelligence. Thus, when traveling to Russia, it pays to know the things you should avoid doing to increase your chances of making a good impression.

Whether you’re interested in dating or marrying a Russian woman, or you simply wish to avoid any type of trouble during your visit, here are 6 things you should refrain from committing in their country:

  1. Don’t drink alcohol on the streets.
  2. Laws have been implemented against drinking in public places such as streets and parks, except for bars and restaurants. If you want, you can always have drinks in the comfort of your own home, or simply go to a bar at an appropriate time. However, knowing that most Russians love to drink, keep in mind to avoid drinking the way they do. Take it easy and relax as you enjoy deep and meaningful conversations with women you might meet along the way.

  3. Don’t smoke in hotels and restaurants.
  4. President Vladimir Putin banned smoking in bars, trains, hotels, and restaurants. Being one of the heaviest-smoking countries in the world, the Russian president made an effort to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. Other than that, the beautiful women often dislike men who smoke a lot. They mostly prefer men who know how to take care of their health. But if you’re not a smoker, then there’s nothing you should worry about. If you do smoke, just remember to do so in the designated smoking areas.

  5. Don’t smile at random.
  6. Leave the notion of smiling being a sign of politeness or positivity in the West. In Russia, when you don’t have a reason to smile, then don’t. They have a saying that goes, “Only fools smile without any reason”. It might be awkward, especially if you’re more of a smiling person, but just make sure you have a valid or special reason every time you find yourself smiling. You’ll save yourself from embarrassment especially when Russian ladies are around.

  7. Don’t lose your papers.
  8. You’re in a foreign country, so you wouldn’t want to be at a loss when officials ask to see your identification and other important documents, right? Have all your papers kept safely in an envelope in case you might need them. Make sure to do the same with your passport, credit cards, and IDs, too!

  9. Don’t forget to bring extra cash.
  10. Russia is a cash-first country. Credit cards are widely accepted but cash is obviously preferred all the time. But there’s no need to worry because ATM machines have a language option in the English language. For safety and security purposes, you can use ATM machines that are available in hotels, banks, malls, and airports. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to bring a little extra cash with you now and then in case you might need it.

  11. Don’t bad mouth anything about Russia and its culture.
  12. It’s unpleasant to bad mouth anything about the foreign country you’re in; all the more when you’re in Russia. As you prepare for your visit, try to acquaint yourself with a little history of Russia and how it came to be. Understanding their culture and traditions will also help you learn more about the people, especially the lovely women.

All things considered, one of the things that will surely help you enjoy your stay when traveling to Russia is being aware of the things you should avoid doing. Again, not only will it save you from any type of trouble, but it will also land you a good impression from a beautiful Russian woman that you might come to be interested in. With that, you’ll have better chances at winning her over someday!

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