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It’s no secret that Russia is the world’s largest country. It covers nearly twice the territory of China and Canada. The country stretches up to 17.1 million square kilometers, 11% of the world’s total landmass.

What’s more fascinating about this country is that Russia has 11 time zones and boasts a hugely variable climate. This country would most certainly guarantee to leave you dazzled all throughout your travel.

It also shares land borders with 16 sovereign nations. The country borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans.

Although it covers most of the world’s landmass, Russia only has around 2% of the Earth’s dwellers. Russia has the 5th highest female inhabitants. It also has the highest gap in life expectancy between men and women. Male life expectancy is only 64.7 while the female is 76.3.

This is one of the reasons why most Russian women resort to international dating because there aren’t too many men.

Yet the economy is better than ever. Russia’s growth economically has multiplied because of its energy revenues. Not only that, their country is known for its abundance of natural gas, oil, and precious metals.

Furthermore, Russia is a country that has a lot more to brag about. This country is the definition of picturesque. And that’s definitely one of the reasons why you should travel to Russia.

Russia’s Rich History

So why did Russia get so big and how did it become such a powerful political social entity in our modern world? Below is the brief view of Russia’s ancient history:

From there on out, Russia has had a lot of strong leaders who fought for their country. This is evident with the profound Russian history. Russians fought many wars. And there were some countries that were able to establish peace. Russians have been through all of it, they’ve lost and they’ve won.

Then finally, in the year 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved. A lot of countries gained their independence. Russia was then established.

Thus, that is what makes Russia the most powerful country in the world.

The Culture and Traditions of Russia

Russia is undeniably a beautiful country. Despite the fact that there’s modern advancement in the country, they were able to carefully preserve their culture and traditions.

Russian culture plays an important role in the development of its people and country. This includes celebrating holidays like we do. But, their customs during these holidays are slightly different from ours. And some holidays they have are unfamiliar for some.

Easter in Russia is the day of abundant food because it’s the day of the resurrection of Christ.

The ancient traditions they have for this holiday has been passed from one generation to another. Which is during this day, they have Easter eggs too but all of them should be in color red and, they are accustomed in delivering gifts to poor families.

Furthermore, since Orthodox Christianity is the widely nominated religion in Russia, they celebrate their Christmas on January 7th. This is due to the fact that Russian Orthodox Christianity is using the Julian calendar.

Lastly, their wedding traditions. Wedding traditions in Russia are pretty much interesting. Their traditional wedding lasts between two days and one week.

One of the things that makes the wedding interesting is their bride for ransom. Before the ceremony, family and friends of the bride hide her away. The groom should pay a real or symbolic price for the stolen maiden. This is to test the strength of love the groom has for the bride.

Secondly, Russian brides and grooms wear a crown on their wedding day. For Russians, there is more importance in crowning than there is in wedding rings. Traditionally, the crown should be worn for eight days. But recently, they can now take it off after announcing the union and the benediction.

Ultimately, the cleaning of the floors. Guests are obliged to drop money on the reception and it’s the bride’s responsibility to clean it all up. This is to test the bride’s capability of being a reliable house-help. Thus, the husband can be certain that while he’s away, the house is in proper care and that the kids, should they have one in the future, are well taken care of.

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