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Significance of an Itinerary

Making an itinerary
Having an itinerary will assure you of having a convenient travel experience.

Russia might not be on everyone’s bucket list, but it deserves to be. There are countless reasons why you should travel to Russia, the world’s largest country. Not only that this country has a lot of tourist destinations, but also the people in this country are warm-hearted at its best.

Furthermore, if you need a break from everything, this country is your savior. Russia’s by far the most tranquil country ever. And it’s always good to travel to some place you haven’t been before and hit the reset button.

At the same time, Russia’s that one country you can brag about. To be able to experience the Russian culture and traditions of beautiful ladies, language, and to see their historical heritage is an achievement. This country is known worldwide for being the most powerful country. That’s definitely something to brag about!

Since Russian tourism has too many destinations to offer, it’s important for you to have an itinerary for you to be able to manage your time and of course your finances. And remember, a carefully planned itinerary is a safe and efficient trip.

Lastly, it helps you determine what means of transportation you’ll need during your trip.

Russia Travel Guide for a Hassle-Free Trip

We know for a fact that we have different reasons why we travel. It may be to see the world or one could also travel to forget or maybe to find yourself or meet new people or have that adventure of a lifetime. Whatever your reason is, we want you to have a hassle-free trip.

But in this busy modern world, is it really possible to have that hassle-free trip? Yes definitely! And we’re here to help you make that happen.

Follow these simple tips to achieve the one travel you always wished for:

  • Research - It’s the easiest thing to do but certainly the most important of all. This is for you to plan your trip ahead on which places you would want to visit. As well as check your options for transportation.
    Furthermore, through research, you can check on the hotel prices and be able to compare them. Also, you can choose hotels that are near the tourist spots you’d want to visit. That way you get to stick on your budget while staying in a convenient location.
    At the same time, make sure to do research on the exchange rate, this is for you to determine how much money you need to bring on your travel.
    Lastly, make sure to see what documents you need to bring. We wouldn’t want that to cause any delays. Being ready with your papers guarantees that you’ll have a smooth transaction at the immigration department.
  • Travel light - Packing light is truly hassle-free travel. Why? Because you don’t always need a cab for transport. You wouldn’t even need to worry about your bags being lost! And you can always change hotels without worrying about an enormous suitcase.
  • Sign up for a Russian singles’ event - Who wouldn’t want to travel with a stunning date? Most of us travel to meet someone new. And this is a one time opportunity to be able to meet dozens or hundreds of single Russian ladies.
  • Get yourself a local sim card - Having a local sim card is important for you to be able to meet anyone you wish to meet. At the same time, it’s very useful in emergency situations.
    Also, you can use your phone as a map. If you have a local sim, you’ll be able to use the internet. Therefore, instead of asking directions, you can utilize Google maps.
  • Book everything in advance - Whether that may be an airline ticket, a hotel or a restaurant, it’s best to book it in advance to avoid delays. If you’re planning to date Russian ladies while traveling, it would really make a good impression if you book the dinner date in advance.

There you have it. We wish you the best on your future travels!

Top 5 Spots in Russia You Should Never Miss

An exciting trip to Russia
Check out the most beautiful tourist destinations in Russia!
  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral - Russia is famous for their historical cathedrals but the most iconic of them all is the Saint Basil. And you certainly don’t want to miss it! The architecture of it is matchless. It still captures the hearts of both locals and foreigners alike!
  • Moscow Kremlin - Outside the Kremlin wall is already captivating. But inside the wall is furnished with incredible internal halls.
    Inside the Kremlin are five palaces, four different cathedrals and the Kremlin towers enclosing the wall.
  • Hermitage Museum - This museum is a must-place to visit, the colors of the building reflect the rich Russian culture they have.
    It includes five historical buildings. The Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage, New Hermitage, and Hermitage Theater.
  • Lake Baikal - If you’re a fan of nature and tranquilness, then you should visit this lake. It’s also a perfect place for you to be able to spend some alone time with your date.
    This lake boasts its fresh air, the view of rocky mountains and beautiful forests.
  • Kizhi Island - What’s fascinating about this island is the wooden architecture of their Kizhi museum. If you don’t know yet, this museum is the oldest from the 14th century.
    Also, the Kizhi museum was transported to be preserved on this island. At the same time, be open to be public.
    If you still have time, don’t miss the opportunity to see the wonders of the historical heritage that this island boasts.

We wish you safe and happy travels! Enjoy!

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