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When you think of a perfect partner, think of Russia. Why? It is undeniable that Russia has one of the world’s most beautiful faces. And not only that, Russian ladies are a pure gem with characteristics that set them apart from any other women in the world. So what are those? Let’s find out together!

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Defining Traits of Russian Ladies

Women in Russia are very feminine. They like to be treated as lady-like as possible. Unlike Western countries where women are extremely independent, Russian ladies were taught that masculinity plays a vital role in their day to day lives.

Also, women in Russia are taught that men are great leaders. That’s why in the family, the father is the head. And in a relationship, they would want to be led by their man.

Russian Brides vs Western Brides

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between Russian and Western brides. America is the 3rd largest country in the world with a population of more than 300 million people. With that, Americans come in various colors, have almost all types of religion and speak a lot of languages from all over the globe.

Western women today have become very independent and individualistic. And there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. But sometimes men in America feel less important than they were back then.

Some women in America these days would want to raise a child on their own. And some women are the ones leading the relationship. Some women don’t need a man in their lives. And that’s perfectly fine, but sometimes men would want to feel needed too. Because they’re men, they would want to feel their manliness, that’s their nature. Also, that’s one of the reasons why the number of divorces each year keeps on increasing.

Yet, Russian women are different. These women were raised to depend on the head of their family, which is their father. They depend on men’s masculinity. And even more so, they want to feel as feminine as possible.

Ladies in Russia are very smart. They can be independent, but they choose not to because they want men to decide for them. They want men to lead them.

And that’s why Russian brides are ideal brides. You can only imagine how thoughtful they can be in a relationship.

Russian Women Wedding Traditions

Russia’s marriage culture is fascinating. There are two types of wedding in Russia. Traditional wedding which lasts for 2-3 days while civil weddings last 15-30 minutes.

What’s so fun in their traditional wedding is the bride’s ransom. This is when the bride’s parents kidnap and hide the bride away before the ceremony until the groom surpasses the challenges set by the bride to show the strength of his love.

Lastly, Russian brides wear a crown on their wedding day. These brides have the quality of a true queen. From their composure, you can be certain that in ride or die situations, they’ll be there beside you.

The elegance, confidence, intelligence, and loyalty of Russian ladies made them the most sought brides around the world.

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