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The Importance of Asking the Right Questions

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Asking someone to go out on a date with you, especially if you know nothing about the woman, would be so difficult. Thus, resulting in a failure date, and a failure date could sometimes mean not being able to score a second date. It sounds terrible, right? That’s why it’s always best to know some details about the woman you are dating, including her culture and traditions.

Also, it would be very impossible for you to date someone without striking a conversation, hence, a need to study your date’s language. This is very recommended, especially if you want to date someone from another country or in Russia to be specific.

Not all Russian women for marriage know how to speak English fluently. So, to enjoy your date and have a chance of asking her to go out with you again, you must impress her. And part of impressing the women is to show her that you know some phrases of her language, a few details about her culture and something about Russians, in general.

Preparing yourself prior to dates doesn’t just end in thinking about where to bring her, what to wear, and what to do. What you two are going to talk about is very important too. It must be well thought of.

Some people say, a spontaneous conversation is better than a well-planned one. Well, that sounds interesting too. However, if you happen to date someone that you know nothing about, even a detail of her, you might end up pissing her off with your questions. If that’s the case, then you better say goodbye to your chances.

Appropriate Questions for Russian Ladies

So, for you to know the appropriate questions to ask Russian ladies on a date, in order also to know what are the ones to avoid, we have prepared this dating guide for you.

  • What do you do every time you have free time?
  • To start up a conversation, one of the most common questions to ask during the first date is this one since this doesn’t sound offensive at all. This question also gives you an idea of what to do in your next date with her if she agrees to. Through this question, the awkwardness between the two of you will loosen a bit too.

  • Are you into outdoor activities or just indoor?
  • Aside from the first question, this question will also let you know more about her. You’ll know if she has an adventurous spirit or just a silent woman who loves to cage herself in her room with a good book in hand. Her answers to this will not only entail ideas about your second date but will also reflect her personality. Both of you may also discover some shared interest that you like to do next time so, pay attention to her answers.

  • What do you usually do when just want to stay at home?
  • Even if we like traveling, there are times that we just want to stay at home too and do our things. So to know how she’s going to spend her day at home, try asking her this question. This question will also allow you to know about who she’s living with and how she likes spending her rest days. You may also ask what kind of ideal date she likes just to keep the conversation up.

  • Do have plans of traveling for leisure?
  • To elevate your conversation and to make her feel more comfortable talking to you, try setting a good atmosphere by asking about her future plans of traveling. You may also ask what country she has visited already and what is the next. You can back up your questions with whom does she usually travel. Discover her thoughts when it comes to traveling and going out with friends or family but always remember to do it with limitations to avoid insulting or embarrassing her.

  • How many are you in a family?
  • One of the safest questions to ask is about her family. Through this question, a Russian woman you will be dating will think you are really genuine in your intention toward her. You can also ask how often she spends time with her family. That way, you will somehow know a bit about her family and how family-centered she is. Always keep in mind that as part of Russia’s dating culture, her family’s comment about you will matter. Thus, do something to win her family’s hearts as well.

These are the questions that you can ask and talk about with Russian ladies as early as a first date. These questions will surely let you score succeeding dates. Just keep these questions in mind, always be mindful of your words to keep her interested and make the best out of your date with this dating guide.

Russian Dating | Questions to Avoid

Conversely, you must be mindful not to be carried away with your conversation. Since you are talking to a woman whose culture is so different from yours, remember that there are words and approaches which are acceptable in your country and not in Russia. To keep you on track, here are some of the topics you must not bring up during your date with a Russian beauty:

First thing is, never dare to ask questions about her past relationship. Unless she opens up first, then that’s alright. But never try to discover how her past relationship ended. Also, do not ask why she’s single. Even if you seem to ask it as a compliment, she might misinterpret your question and think you insult her of being single.

Don’t ask if she sees herself in the future with you too. It won’t be a good impression. She will only think you are so full of yourself for assuming she will say YES. If you manage to establish a deeper relationship with her, then you can ask, but during the first date, it’s a really big no.

Also, avoid sensual questions during your first meetup. You are trying to impress a woman during your first date and asking her some sensual questions will only make her think you are not genuine in your intention. So, to avoid this impression, avoid such questions. Be careful when giving compliments about her looks or body too. She might be insulted.

This is your best guide when meeting a Russian woman for the first time. Keep these questions in mind to ensure a worthwhile date experience with a Russian beauty. Sign up on our site today to meet the Russian woman of your dreams. Registration is FREE!

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