Why Should YOU Not Date Young Russian Singles

If you have been dating Russian singles for a while, you won’t be surprised about the differences between your dating culture and that of Slavic women.

One of the things that surprises men, especially if it is their first time to date in Russia, is how open Russian singles are to dating older men. In other cultures, age gaps between couples are usually a big discussion.

This may sound impossible but other foreign guys who have dated and married young Russian girls have seen how it unfolds in real life right through their eyes. Such dating dynamics in Eastern Europe remain common in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other major Russian cities, but the age gaps rarely exceed 20 years between the man and woman.

Just because Russian ladies are open to dating someone older does not mean that you shouldn’t be cautious about the age differences.

Before you jump into dating younger Slavic girls, there are factors you have to consider in order to determine what age group you should be dating while in Russia.

Most dating experts in Russia recommend single men to never go beyond the 20-year age gap or you will have a hard time establishing that connection toward a strong relationship between the two of you because of so many differences.

Russian girls rarely will date a man seriously who was born before her parents, so such a cultural norm should be considered prior to boarding a plane and approaching younger ladies in Eastern Europe.

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