Russian Women VS American Women | What Foreign Men Say

Nowadays, foreign men go beyond the walls of their comfort zone and explore the world until they reach the lands of Russian women. Because of foreign men wanting to find the right one for them without compromising, they think that dating beyond borders is the best way to stepping up their dating game. It will do the work and save them from this misery.

Through the passing of time, Slavic women are becoming the dream of most Western men. Why are foreign men crossing borders in search of a significant other in Russia? The typical answer would be “Russian girls are beautiful” and most people think that they are mail order brides as what social media trolls describe them to be. These statements would be from someone who hasn’t done any analysis and realistic reasoning in dating foreign women from Russia.

Online dating among foreign men and Russian girls modernized the face of dating. This interest and attention from foreign men may have underlying reasons.

Western men want something new or want someone who also wants them in return. American women are more career-oriented, rather than family-oriented. Women in the US are busy building their careers. There is an increasing number of families in which a woman makes the bread and honey for the family and the man is the one at home doing the chores.

This is very different from Russia where Russian women lovingly and proudly embrace their femininity. Their main goal in life, aside from establishing a career, is becoming a mother and a wife. This can be rooted in their patriarchal upbringing.

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