What Do Russian Women Look for in a Man?

Most men never know how hard it is for Russian girls to find a spouse through domestic dating. For Russian women, it’s frustrating to never be able to find their soulmate because their dreams of having a family of their own will never be realized. This is a lifelong dream among Slavic girls. However, it will always remain a dream for many that resist engaging in international dating.

Why is there a need to date foreigners for Russian singles?

Dating in Russia is getting difficult for women as there are not many local men to date around them. They greatly outnumber the men in their country, so Slavic women turn to date foreign men as the most viable option to guaranty a match that they know is compatible and fits their description of a real man that they are all looking for.

So, how do they describe the ideal man with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives?

Faithful, mature, and independent---these are the major qualities of a man most Russian girls are dreaming of. Single women from Russia believe that men of the same don’t have these qualities yet. Scientific studies tell us that men mature late compared to women, so there’s no wonder why Russian dating always seems to favor older men.

On the other hand, Slavic girls also think that it’s easier to find a spouse among older foreign men because they are also in the state of finding a wife to settle down. Most of the single men who are serious about their search for a wife join singles tours because it is easier that way. Men and women who join marriage agencies and dating events are mostly ready to open their lives to the right partner and that’s marriage.

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