Russian Women and Their Impressions with American Men

The sight of Russian women always overwhelms so many foreign men around the globe. Their long legs, sexy physique, and ethereal beauty are always their best assets that can captivate the frozen emotions of foreign men. This is the main reason why international dating is booming in Russia.

However, there are foreign men who are interested in finding a wife among the single Russian girls who are hesitant about Russian dating because they are intimidated by the Slavic girls. For some, Slavic women are intimidating because of their beauty and they rarely smile. Realistically, the smiles of Russian ladies seem to be expensive because they don’t easily give it away to anyone.

Well, as expected in foreign dating, cultural differences are always present and it can make or break your dating journey. That is why it is always to have some knowledge about the culture of Russia if you opt to choose to date Russian singles.

In Russia, casual smiling is not highly encouraged and because of that people think that Russian women are stern and cold. They think that Slavic ladies are distant that they are hard to open up to people. This is what most people think about because they are not just used to the culture. In some countries, smiling is a sign of warmth and respect. However, in Russia, it is perceived as evidence of being a fool.

Their culture tells them that the future is never promised. It is unpredictable and uncontrollable. It is improper and foolish to smile when the future is waiting for you like a lion who will tear you down with its sharp claws.

However, most foreign men who go beyond the screen of their phones and browsing profiles of Russian singles on a dating site are surprised whenever they personally meet the Russian ladies. These women from Russia open up to people whom they trust and are unpredictably funny.

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