What is a ‘Real Man’ for Russian Girls?

Russian girls all have different ideals in a man they want in a marriage. Some may have a long list of requirements, but there are those who have a shorter list of qualities they like in a man. Most foreign men are trying to figure out what do Russian women really like in a man because for over two years now, foreign men are more than interested in dating them.

No matter how long or short the dating requirements of Russian singles, for sure, there are qualities of an ideal man that are common on their individual list. As online dating is one of the most popular platforms for finding love in this modern era, most foreign men look up to the dating profiles of Russian ladies. It’s common to see the qualities of the man they are looking for in their dating profiles.

If you have been swiping profiles on several Russian dating sites, then you might have observed that most Russian girls are looking for a ‘real man’. Then, what do they really mean when they say they are looking for a ‘real man’?

A real man is someone who still upholds traditional and family values. They get attracted to men who can open the door or pull up the chair for them. For Russian girls, it is a sign of respect for them and they are always attracted to men who respect them.

A real man is someone who is faithful and content with one woman. Most Russian singles look for a mature spouse because they want to establish a serious relationship. What they have in mind is that they are dating to marry and marriage is highly regarded in Russia due to their traditional and religious beliefs.

A real man is someone who can make his own decision. Dating in Russia can be a hard decision for many foreign men because not a lot of people will support the idea of foreign dating. This is why most Slavic ladies always appreciate the effort of Western men to travel to Russia and find their bride in their homeland.

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