Moving Abroad: Russian Girls Share Insights

It’s quite known to the world that Russian girls still live with their parents prior to marriage. This Russian culture norm has been going on for generations and generations.

In other parts of the world, when people reach 18 years old, they typically move out of their parent’s house, even if unmarried. You tend to start and sustain your own life now and this includes making your own decisions. Most Westerners are used to doing this and is the reason why most of them are viewed to be independent in life.

This is one of the major cultural differences that you can easily observe between living in Russia and Western countries. Sometimes, Russian girls are being misunderstood because of their culture.

For the beautiful girls in Russia, living with their parents even beyond the age of 18 does not mean that they are not independent enough to be the captain of their own ship. Living with their parents does not mean that they don’t have a mind of their own to decide what they want to do with their lives.

Russian culture is deeply-rooted in being family-oriented, one of the most important core values that most Slavic girls still uphold. This is also the reason why it’s important to also win the hearts of the parents of the Russian women.

Many foreign men consider dating in Russia as challenging because of the differences in dating culture. Most of the men who visit Russia for marriage are concerned whether Russian ladies are open to moving abroad.

Of course, the parents of Russian singles never like the idea that their daughter lives away from them, however they know that this is how things work in an international relationship.

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