Celebrating Valentine's Day with Russian Girls

Russian girls are renowned to be cold and distant. Most foreign men are intimidated by Russian women because their smiles seem to be so expensive. Foreign men who travel to Russia know exactly that Russian ladies don’t often smile. This is where most of them are misunderstood.

They may look cold and indifferent, however, in their culture, smiling without any reason can be a sign of stupidity. This explains why they don’t smile at strangers. However, people whom they trust and are dear to them can attest that their smiles are the sweetest and their warmth is the most comforting.

This is why they deserve some love and appreciation, too. The best time to show them how loved and special they are is during the celebration of Valentine's day. Long time ago, the celebration of this romantic day was not popular in the Russian culture, however, nowadays, it is getting common for Slavic women to celebrate this special holiday.

However, what sets their Valentine’s day celebration different from the rest of the globe is that they celebrate it on the 8th of March. Two special celebrations take place in Russia during this day, the day of the hearts and International Women’s Day. These two celebrations are all dedicated to the special Russian girls in one’s life.

In order to show your love, there’s no need to spend your money to make her feel loved. There are so many ways to spend this special day such as having a romantic date, watching movies together, among others.

Sending love letters, a bouquet of flowers, and other tokens of love are few of the ways that you can do to make her feel special. However, no matter how grandiose your gesture may be, this will mean nothing if you are not sincere about what you feel. The best way is to do it with sincerity and with clear intentions. No matter how small or inexpensive your gift can be, it will always be well-received.

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