Dating Russian Women: Agencies Vs Cold Approach

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If there’s one thing that remains true, it’s that men can sometimes be completely clueless when it comes to approaching Russian women. Lots of them want to be with one, but not all of them know how to actually approach her. Sometimes, they sign up for those free dating sites, but nothing ever comes of it.

Then there are the guys who forego the online dating sites and just approach someone in person. Sometimes it works out for them, but it also does not work out for them at all a lot of the time. Of course, just because a site appears to be legit does not mean that it actually is—plenty of people get scammed with or without the aid of a website.

The fact of the matter is that meeting a Russian woman can be a very hard thing unless you are already in Russia. There are of course the free online dating sites that you can use in order to connect with such women, but they are not the only option available to you.

There are a lot of guys who like to do their own thing when it comes to meeting women. There are many types of dating sites out there as well, with some being full-service agencies and others being simply platforms to meet people and that’s all they do for their users.

Then there are the sites that not only put their users in contact with each other, but also facilitate things like social events and meetups. Using such a site or an agency can help many men approach girls they may have not had the courage to even look at. Agencies have their advantages, but that’s not to say that the cold approach has no place in the world anymore.

To help you decide which approach is best, here are some things to consider:

Dating Agencies Facilitate Dates

Dating is not easy and it is not just the part about meeting someone to actually date that’s hard. Planning a date and getting the timing right can be tricky and not everyone is a natural when it comes to planning dates. So the dating agencies, with the experts therein, can seriously help with that.

On the flipside of that, the cold approach (or doing it by yourself), can offer a more personal touch. A dating agency can gather all sorts of information about their clients and its users, but only you can truly know you, so you can craft a date that is more personal.

Cost Matters

Of course, there is going to be some costs associated with dating. The man is expected to shoulder most of the financial burden during the dates themselves, so the costs can add up quite a lot. No one ever said that falling in love was cheap. It can be easy, but it won’t always be free.

Dating agencies have upkeep after all. They are going to need to charge a fee for the service which they provide and that fee might be a bit of a premium in some cases. That said, many users often find the money well spent when they find a satisfying relationship.

Of course, trying to meet women by yourself is often the cheaper option. After all, there are sites that provide different services and cater to different people that are free to use. So those versions will only cost you the hardware and the internet connection.

Legitimacy Issues

Doing something by yourself is free, but it can be a pretty tricky thing when it comes to international dating. After all, the internet is a pretty widely used resource, so there are all kinds of people on it—not all of which are who they say they are. That kind of dishonesty is somewhat prevalent on the internet.

Don’t be easily discouraged, though. Most people online are generally honest to some degree, but there are those that present themselves as different people entirely. Sure, most people will make up stuff about themselves on the internet to a more idealized version, but they’re not going to assume a whole other identity.

Dating agencies can be pretty great for this since they screen their users before they let them onto the platform. As such, anyone who is using a dating service can be assured that the people they are courting over the internet are in fact real people with legitimate intentions. International dating has its risk, but professional agencies mitigate those risks by a considerable margin.

Logistical Delays

The thing about doing things by yourself is that you have to do almost everything on your own. There’s not going to be a lot of helping hands guiding you through the processes which you will have to go through in order to be in the vicinity of Russian women. Between the arranging of all the paperwork and the accomodations and the actual travel, it can be a bit of a hassle just to get to the women.

That is, if you’re doing it by yourself. If you’re using an agency, then the whole process can be made a lot smoother. Most agencies have some resources for you to use if you choose to actually travel to Russia or if you want to be able to bring a Russian bride home with you to wherever it is that you live.

So if there is one advantage of dating agencies, it is the fact that they have more resources than their own users have at their disposal, which can be used to make finding love a lot easier than it normally is.

The Available Options

When you’re looking for love by yourself, you may not find as many potential partners as you would than if you were using a professional service. But there are lots of people in a lot of countries who are looking for love just like you are.

The fact that there are a lot of people signing up for dating services means that your pool of potential soulmates is that much bigger when you sign up with the professionals.

There are many options that a person can take to be with Russian women. Using the professionals can be more efficient, but doing it on your own can be cheaper.

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