What Do Russian Women Find Most Attractive?

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Attraction is one of those things that is extremely important when it comes to dating. You may ask yourself ‘what do I find attractive?’ and you may come up with an answer. The thing is that Russian women are also asking that question and are also coming up with answers of their own.

These women are probably going to come up with what they believe are the most attractive traits in a man. Now, it may come to pass that you meet this criteria, but it’s also possible that you don’t.

The reasons that people come with these lists is simple: everyone has their own preferences and naturally they would want to find a partner that meets those preferences. Women are going to know what makes a man physically attractive to them and chances are that the men who do not meet their criteria are getting passed over, and men are more than likely going to do the exact same thing.

So if you’re a man that is attracted to women of the Russian kind, then it might help to understand the things that they think are desirable in a partner. After all, it’s not as if you can just show up and have your pick. They’re going to have to pick you as much as you pick them. Here are some traits they possibly find attractive in a man:

  1. Height Matters
  2. Height is one of those things that can’t really be controlled. Either you grow tall or you don’t, and there’s not a lot that you can do about it. Sure, a healthy diet, exercise, and supplements during the crucial developmental stage might tip the scales in your favor, but for the most part your height is pretty much determined by genetics.

    But women generally want men who are gifted when it comes to height. The current rule for a lot of women is that the guy that they are with has to be taller than they are in four inch heels. Now, there are quite a lot of men who can meet these requirements. But not everyone does.

    Only around fourteen percent of men in the United States find themselves above six feet tall and most skew around five-foot-nine or so, which is the average. Now, there are lifts that you can slide into your shoes so as to make you appear to be taller so you can increase your odds of dating Russian women.

  3. A Nice Face
  4. One thing that most people from all over the world generally find to be physically attractive is a nice face. Something symmetrical without too many blemishes, maybe some clear skin.

    Now, you don’t have to look like a model from the pages of some men’s magazine, but you do have to take some basic steps.

    First, you have to wash your face either with a cleanser or some soap. You should also make it a point to properly groom whatever facial hair you might have. Basically, women like it when the guy they are with has the good sense to practice proper hygiene.

    So make sure to wash your face when you are getting ready to go out on a date or just in general because proper hygiene is kind of an important thing to make a good impression.

  5. Smell Good
  6. When it comes to the senses, none of them are quite as linked to memory as smell is. So if you want to leave a good impression of yourself in the mind of a Russian woman, then it’s kind of an important thing if you smell good.

    Now, you may not need to use cologne, but it sure does help with smelling good. Depending on your luggage situation, you may not be allowed to bring a bottle of cologne with you. That is a problem that is easily remedied by airports generally having a duty free shop. There are a lot of colognes from high-end fashion houses for sale.

    But if cologne isn’t really your thing, just make sure to bathe properly with soap because bathing is a great way to get rid of the bacteria that causes foul odor.

  7. Playing Dress Up
  8. If you wonder what women find attractive in men, one of those things is being put together. There are few ways to outwardly display that, such as having a stable income, a home, and all the other stuff.

    But there’s one simple way to show that you’re well put together and that’s how you dress. If you show up in clean clothes that have been laundered and pressed, then it’s a great way to basically tell the whole world that you’ve got quite a bit of stability going for you, which can be a pretty attractive trait in a person.

    If you show up to a date and look like a schlub with clothes that are wrinkled or stained or dirty in some way, then that’s not going to bode well for you.

    Clothes and other things that people wear are an outward expression of who they are. If a person is put together, then it generally follows that their clothes are going to be neat and tidy (and the reverse is also true).

  9. The General Attitude
  10. Another thing that women find attractive is attitude. If you go into a situation with a romantic context with a lot of bluster, then that might make you come across as a buffoon and not in a good way. So you’re going to want to go in with a cooler he

    Someone’s attitude is a great indicator of their personality, and how it’s compatible with hers is an indicator of how long the relationship is going to last. For someone who may be looking to settle down, a good attitude can be something that is extremely desirable in a person.

    There’s not really a set formula for being attractive. What someone finds disgusting someone else can find attractive. Conversely, the things that some people find unattractive can be extremely the opposite of that for someone else. The reason for this is because people are different.

    Sure, there are generally some traits that people seem to like overall, but the individual preference of a person is more than likely to win out over societal standards for the most part.

    So while there are some things you need to do to date Russian women, you also need to take personal preference into account.

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