Simple Traits That Attract Russian Women

A photo of a woman in a floral top slightly smiling As long as you have genuine intentions, Russian women are not that hard to please. | Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

There are certain traits that Russian women look for in men, some of which are essential if you wish to have a romantic relationship with them.

Despite being part of a culture where innate qualities come to matter more than physical appearances, these ladies make it their goal to avoid going out with men who are only after their looks.

Yes, they can be incredibly beautiful and stunning, which is why they have learned to value one’s personality traits more than any kind of superficial aspects. If you wish to be in a relationship with a Russian woman, you might as well know how you can attract one first, right?

By paying attention to how you behave and interact with these ladies, you will be able to gauge their interest. Only in getting them to notice you will you have any chance of asking them out on a proper date.

Sure, like most women around the world, women in Russia also find themselves attracted to men with good looks, intellect, and charm. Then again, your inner traits will always be your best weapon in leaving a good and lasting impression. Now, wouldn’t that be a great way to start off?

Take the time to learn more about the traits that attract beautiful Russian women:

  1. Honesty.
  2. You must already know by now that women are very good at detecting falsehoods in men. Whatever you do, never attempt to be someone you’re not just so you can get these women to think highly of you. While doing your best to stand out from the rest of the competition is important, you should always stick to being honest and truthful.

    The moment a Russian girl catches you lying to her, don’t think that she will consider sticking around. These ladies consider men worthy of their time as long as they are honest and genuine.

  3. Loyalty, Sensitivity, and Thoughtfulness.
  4. It’s a given that they prefer men who are loyal. On the other hand, being sensitive and thoughtful is a major plus, too. They believe that these traits will determine how you treat others and handle difficult situations. When you are sensitive and thoughtful towards the people around you, you’re basically giving the impression that you sincerely mean well.

    There is a study in France wherein men interacting with babies tend to be more popular with the ladies, whether they are seen doing so in public or on social media. They are three times more likely to get women’s phone numbers.

    The same study also states that men who walk dogs have more success talking with women on the street. It’s surely a lot better if you are known to be a caring dog owner as well.

  5. Kindness.
  6. You’re experienced enough to know that kindness doesn’t cost a thing. If only more men would use kindness to attract women, there wouldn’t be so many failed relationships or short term flings.

    When a Russian woman sees how much of a kind person you are, she will have a glimpse at how sweet and endearing you can be as a romantic partner. These women truly believe that we all need more kindness in this world, especially with all the unfortunate events going on, so having this trait will earn you more bonus points than you’d care to think.

    Always remember that kindness never fails to attract a woman.

  7. Chivalry.
  8. All women, whatever country they’re from or culture they grew up with, want to be loved and cared for. But anyone can do that, right? As such, they mostly prefer men whom they can depend on. Most of all, they will not hesitate to give their hearts to a true gentleman.

    Being a chivalrous gentleman isn’t just about showing your love and affection to your partner. Other acts of chivalry include how you treat others, such as offering your seat for the elderly, saving a kitten on a tree, helping out at shelters, and so on.

    It is ingrained in Russian culture for men and women to be respectful towards the elderly. Consequently, you can expect that these women will want to know if you can adhere to such a trait.

  9. Diligence and Determination.
  10. Russian ladies prefer men who know how to use their talents to pursue their goals and aspirations in life. They believe that ambition is equal to potential, so they tend to be more attracted to men who are ambitious, diligent, and determined.

    Best believe that your readiness and ability to support and protect the woman you care about will be scrutinized.

  11. Self-control and Stability.
  12. These traits project coolness and maturity. This is some sort of assurance that you won’t go crazy with uncontrolled emotions, or that you’re not a workaholic who doesn’t know how to keep his composure in the face of struggle. As a result, this will reveal how good of a companion you’ll be during difficult times.

    Having a calm attitude generates an environment of openness in a relationship. This will assure women that they can comfortably express themselves without having to worry about how you’ll respond.

  13. Cheerfulness and Spontaneity.
  14. These, on the other hand, create a more relaxed environment. This will show that you know how to turn a bad situation around and be able to look on the brighter side of things. So, in truth, what kind of woman wouldn’t want these traits in the man they’re dating?

Getting Russian Women to Like You

Knowing how to impress a Russian woman includes knowing what traits are ideal to have as a potential partner. If you want to pursue these ladies, be sure to be clear about your intentions and always be the best possible version of yourself.

As long as you maintain a positive attitude towards building a lasting relationship, you won’t have that much trouble attracting Russian beauties. Stick to being genuine and you’ll find yourself with more potential dates who share the same interests as you.

Other than having these simple yet ideal traits, it would also do you a great favor if you strive to learn more about the Russian dating culture. With that, you’ll find that attracting beautiful Russian women isn’t that hard at all.

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