Dating Russian Women | Signs She's Okay Breaking up with You

A black and white closeup photo of a woman crying Dating Russian women is a worthwhile experience. When you’re in a relationship with one, be sure to know whether she’s happy with you or not.

Wanting to be in a relationship with a Russian woman is never surprising. What’s not to love about them? Russian women are naturally attractive, what with their mysterious eyes and seemingly endless legs. They’re also traditional, socially conservative, and very much eager to take the role of being a supportive partner in a relationship despite being exposed to today’s modern culture and way of living.

But in truth, love isn’t the only thing they find important in a romantic relationship. They believe that patience, understanding, and respect are equally essential. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself struggling to find another Russian beauty who is genuinely compatible with you. So whether you’re dating one right now or are yet to, here are some signs to look out for to know if she is happily contented with your relationship or not:

  1. She no longer fights you.
  2. It’s not always true when they say that fighting is a natural part of every relationship or that it’s a symptom of a healthy one. Fighting occurs when there are misunderstandings and when you keep insisting on what you think is right. Your partner wants what she thinks is best for you, and you think you know what’s best for you. That’s why you have to create a middle ground, and most of all, boundaries.

  3. She no longer minds when you do something disappointing.
  4. No one is perfect, especially with society's unrealistic standards today. But you can mold yourself into your own unique perfection, into the person you want to be. Mistakes help you learn. Life is about learning from the past and doing better in the present. And with Russian women, they have ideals and expectations when it comes to finding a lifetime partner.

    In a relationship, you’re bound to do things that may disappoint your partner. And there are women who choose to stay silent before bursting out about what they really feel. But if there is a change in behavior wherein your partner no longer minds the things you fail to do, such as forgetting an important date or errand, then it may be that she has put up walls to protect herself from you, which may soon lead to the inevitable conversation about breaking up.

  5. She no longer gets jealous.
  6. Everyone has insecurities. But for many women, the more insecurities they have, the more jealous and possessive they become. It’s also a sad truth how one’s jealousy is commonly equated to how intense their love towards their partner is.

    When she’s always been a jealous partner, in the sense of being clingy all the time and consistently interrogating you regarding your whereabouts, but then she suddenly just doesn’t care anymore, it may be a sign that she’s considering going her own way.

  7. She no longer tells you what’s going on.
  8. Part of being in a relationship is that you would usually know about your partner’s plans and what’s been going on in her life. She would also love to tell you about how she feels and the things she looks forward to.

    But when your partner becomes unhappy to the point of wanting to break up with you, she will most likely hesitate in telling you until eventually, she’ll stop doing it altogether. It may have something to do with you not listening well or showing indifference in whatever she tells you. Either way, it’s a sign that she may no longer be happy with where your relationship is at.

No relationship is ever easy because there will be instances wherein your strength and willingness to make things work will be tested. Knowing what to expect from a Russian woman is never easy as well, which is why open communication should always be maintained in your relationship. So be sure to keep in mind the signs that show that your Russian partner may no longer be happy with you or that she’s okay with breaking up with you for good. If you’re yet to find love among Russian women, you can sign up on our site today and begin your search to meet your one true love. When you do meet her, always do your best to keep each other happy and in love!

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