What Russian Women Want You to Do during the Day of Love

As cheesy as it sounds, love is indeed in the air!

Now that February is fast approaching, have you gotten yourself a date yet? Because a lot of inns, hotels, and restaurants tend to be fully booked within two weeks of the 14th. That means you ought to be quick.

pink roses with blackboard that says Be My Valentine
Go to Russia during the day of love for a romantic experience!

Russia has commercialized the day of love a lot more than you think. As expected, when February 14th is fast approaching, various establishments and malls tend to over decorate everything with red hearts, balloons, and roses. Flowers and chocolates are being sold everywhere as well.

There is a buzz of anticipation, excitement, and frustration in the air too. Those who are married or in a relationship are probably already planning how to spend their date, while those who are single either don’t care or are getting desperate to find a date of their own. It tends to happen a lot when international love day is drawing near.

On the off chance that you’re here because you’re trying to date Russian women, here are some tips on how to make her happy during Valentine’s Day.

Buy Her Flowers

They are being sold almost everywhere, so why not buy her a bouquet? Men are expected to buy their date Valentine’s flowers. Come to think of it, there isn’t really any reason to shy away from giving a woman a handful of beautiful flowers.

There are all kinds of flowers available, but roses are probably the most abundant. Especially the red ones. Granted, they’re the flowers that symbolize love, but there are also other flowers that convey the same feeling as well. Here are a few:

You can also just get her a small basket of red roses. It will be easier to get them anyway if you don’t want to add different kinds into the mix. If you prefer a fancy bouquet though, make sure to add in more than just red roses. And don’t forget to put in a card!

Take Her Out on a Date

couple kissing on their date
Always remember that Russian women prefer your presence rather than a sent gift!

Rather than just sending her a gift and stopping there, make sure you actually visit her in person and take her out on a date. While she will appreciate the gift, it still won’t beat you visiting her. After all, the most important aspect about Valentine’s Day is being together with your significant other.

So plan a date for her. Go watch a movie or take a romantic walk in Moscow or any city that seems to be bustling for the holiday. She will love the attention and appreciate the effort you put into planning such a thing for her. As much as Russian girls like presents, they prefer being pampered in person as well.

So if you’re going on a date with her, make sure you go all out. Take her to a spa, go bowling, play laser tag if there’s any, or enjoy yourselves at an amusement park. Make sure she has fun and make it as romantic as possible. For example, pick a small flower from the bouquet you gave her and tuck it into her ear randomly.

Here are a few other dating activities you two could enjoy while spending time together. These are for when you and your date are in Moscow:

Get Her a Gift

The flowers don’t count. If you really want to win her over, give her a present.

Russian girls love jewelry (well, a majority of them do, at least), so get a nice bracelet adorned with pretty gems or a diamond necklace. Nothing too gaudy or over-the-top. Just a simple accessory that happens to be a little expensive will do.

If you would rather give her something else, then get her the standard giant teddy bear. She’ll still love it and will most likely look adorable as she walks around with you, hugging that thing to her chest.

Expensive perfumes also work. They’re often sold during Valentine’s Day, so get her one and wrap it with a neat pink bow. Luckily, most shops already have said bow, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

And if you really want to go overboard and have the money for it, get her a car. You’ve probably seen Instagram photos of men buying their girlfriends a brand new car with a huge bow at the top. It’s a little too showy, but some people like to do over-the-top things, so why not?

You Can Never Go Wrong with Chocolates

woman with chocolates
Valentine’s chocolates should always be present when taking her out on a date!

Ah, Valentine’s chocolates. It’s never Valentine’s Day without them. Malls and shops go out of their way to make them as presentable and available as possible too. They come in baskets with roses, perfect for gifting them to more than just one person. The ones you need to get your date are those expensive ones in heart-shaped boxes.

Well, they can come in heart-shaped boxes, at least. Some boxes are just small ones that look fancy, and they can still give off the same level of thoughtfulness.

Plus, it’s just nice to receive chocolates in general.

Women love the stuff, so make sure you get a lot of it. It goes with the flowers quite perfectly too, so you can tuck a small box in the bouquet if you want. But if you want to give her a basket of chocolates, do it. The more chocolates, the better.

Remember to finish the date off by being a gentleman as you escort her to your hotel room for the night. A Valentine’s date usually ends in the hotel, after all.

Go On A Romantic Adventure

Imagine the joy of exploring scenic parts of Russia with your Russian date. An exciting trip always brings many opportunities for the two of you to grow closer. So don’t underestimate the importance of taking a romantic trip out together.

The costs might be more than spending the typical Valentine’s Day chocolate and flowers, but trips are more memorable and create precious memories. You can spend time together and get to know each other better.

Dress Up Nicely

Fancy taking her to a fancy restaurant? Then you better groom yourself and dress up nicely. The majority of Russian singles enjoy dressing up for a special occasion and love it when both of you look good together.

Most Russian women care a lot about their appearances. It shows a person’s upbringing and can impress anyone while out in public. One easy tip in creating a neat and elegant style is to keep it simple.

You can choose a good suit in your closet or if you’re thinking of something more casual, you can simply wear a clean shirt, slacks, and a pair of polished shoes.

Be As Creative As You Like

When it comes to conveying your feelings to a woman, you’ll want to treat her as the princess that she is and express your love in the most creative ways possible. Learn her likes and dislikes and take inspiration from them.

Surprise her with something pleasantly unexpected. It could be something she’s always wanted, tickets to an event or a trip to somewhere both of you have always wanted to travel.

Imagine the surprise on her face and the squeal of delight when she receives your gift. She’s sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness and love you all the more.

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