NEVER Put THIS On Your Dating Profile

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Keep certain things off your profile to attract a Russian woman.

Now that everything is automated, shouldn’t online dating be so much easier?

How about the algorithms everyone is raving about?

Many people try their luck with online dating. When they find their preferred service, they sign up and create a profile that they think is perfect. When they don’t get any matches, they wonder what could be going on.

They messed up, that’s what’s going on.

They post things on their profiles that they shouldn’t have, things that turn off potential matches.

The majority of people think they know what they should put on their profile, they think they’ve found the secret to finding love. Most of the time, they do. Nevertheless, sometimes they post something on their profile that they shouldn’t have. Potential dating partners could see things and be put off from using online dating forever.

Make sure you don’t make these dating profile mistakes by learning what they are.

National Stereotypes

As you probably already know, the Cold War was one of the most defining aspects of the twentieth century. Even if you weren’t aware of that, you’re aware that the Cold War existed.

As a result of that, you probably have some preconceived notion in your head about Russian people, and there’s a part of you that believes this notion is true. Maybe you’re right or maybe you’re wrong.

Those preconceived notions won’t help you when you’re dating. If you go at a Russian woman with a wisecrack about how she’s a deadly spy, you will almost certainly get two different results. One is that she’ll be turned off by the fact that you are wrong and that you have categorized her without knowing a thing about her. The other one is that you are correct that she is a spy, but it does not go well for you either.

How hard is it to live in Russia? Or how easy? You don’t know what it’s like to live in Russia. So keep your cracks about honey traps and spies to yourself.

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If there’s a red flag in your life, keep it off your profile.

Having No Bio

Having established that there is no need to think of Russian women as spies for the Soviet Union-which doesn’t even exist anymore-it’s time to look at your own bio.

A blank bio is not a good sign. There is no need to attempt to create the illusion that you are some mysterious international figure. If you are online dating, an empty bio is a big red flag.

Fill in as much space as your service of choice requires of you, since the internet is already confusing enough without you leaving out your bio. There is no need to share your life story, since there are only a limited number of characters.

However, you should at least provide some personal information about yourself so a Russian woman can get to know you better. These women are taking enough of a chance as it is by dating foreign men. They should at least have some idea of the men they’re taking a chance on.

A Massive Amount of Group Photos

Your profile can include group photos. Doing so demonstrates your ability to make friends, so it’s extremely important for you to do so. However, if you only have group photos, it can become problematic.

By using a group photo as your main profile photo, you turn your online profile into a game of Where’s Waldo?

You don’t want to do that because you’ll want a potential partner to know who you are at the outset.

Family Photos

You need to avoid one specific type of group photo, and that’s a family photo. Obviously if you have children and you love them, it’s important for you to find someone who shares your love and respect for those children. If you are a single parent, you should not show your kids online unless a service specifically caters to single parents. Kids are baggage, and baggage scares away potential suitors whether they like it or not.

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Finding love online can be done if you're smart about it.

Pictures With Another Woman

A picture of you with another woman is another type of photo that should not be on your profile. Doesn’t matter if the woman is your friend, your sister, your cousin, or your grown-up daughter.

If you take a picture with a woman, you will give the wrong impression to potential partners and they will think you’re having an affair. Not exactly the kind of thing a Russian dating agency is going to find popular.

Some Russian ladies don’t mind being mistresses, but many more would rather be the main course than a side dish. It’s unlikely that sharing photos with another woman will work in your favor on a dating app or service.

Negativity In General

Negativity should also be avoided when writing an online dating profile. Your profile will not attract many matches if it’s just you moping and whining about how bad your last relationship was or how poorly life has treated you.

Although you may get some women who like healing men to check out your profile, your level of engagement is likely to be pretty low. Being negative may pique some interest, but remember that honey catches more flies than vinegar. Being a downer is one of the biggest dating profile mistakes a person can make and it’ll make it look like you’re not serious about finding love.

What You Should Put

After knowing what to omit, you should at least have some idea of what to include. That should be easy. On a dating profile, you should only tell the truth. You should be honest about who you are and what you want from a relationship.

Truthfulness is not only morally right, but it is also an excellent way to meet a compatible mate. You can tell the truth by being creative with your presentation.

Online dating is the norm for some people. It is their only method of meeting potential partners. Other people may find it difficult. Perhaps they aren’t familiar with the concept since they grew up in another era.

However, it has become a standard way to find a partner, and sometimes it’s the only way to do so.

So be mindful of what you put on your profile when you go online to find a partner. Don’t include anything that can wait. Don’t make the common dating profile mistakes of being dishonest or taciturn…

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