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Interracial relationships have become popular these days with thousands of dating sites and applications made available online. According to a recent report from Statista, the user penetration of online dating worldwide will hit 5.7% by 2024, higher than 2020’s 4.3%.

One of the countries that contributes to that is Russia, with over 10.3 million users, 46.7% of which are Russian women. These ladies are famous because of their uniqueness and almost perfect physical appearances. In fact, some men think that being in a relationship with a Russian lady is like winning the lottery.

Women in Russia are well-known not only because of their stunning doll-like physique, but also for their personalities and characteristics, two of the many reasons why Russian men and men from all over the world fall in love with them.

Some of their good qualities include being loyal, honest, family-oriented, well-educated, and good at cooking, which make foreigners conclude that Russian girls are great for marriage.

With the proper approach and good intentions, there’s no doubt that you will find hundreds of Russian women for marriage online. However, knowing how to approach Russian women should not be your only concern. You also need to know what to avoid when dating one.

To clear things up about what you should not do when dating a Russian lady, take note of these tips:

  1. Don’t lie.
  2. One of the good qualities Russian ladies have is their honesty, and that is the exact same quality they are looking for in the person they want to date. If you want to find love in Russia, you should avoid starting your interracial relationship with a lie. As much as possible, always tell the truth.

    When she asks about your age or nationality, stop beating around the bush and tell her the truth. It is common to ask basic questions during the first date, and there really is no point in lying.

    These women are trust-worthy and loyal, and they want to be with someone they can rely on. So if you want to be with a Russian woman for the rest of your life, never lie.

  3. Don’t talk about sex too soon.
  4. It is undeniable that Russian women are too hot to handle. However, don’t be too obvious that you are that eager to sleep with them. If you’ve only been talking to one for two or three days, never ask about her sex life, instead, try to learn more about her culture, traditions, hobbies, preferences, etc.

    Women in Russia are labeled as very sensual and sexual, but that doesn’t mean they want sex on their first date. Try to keep things low-key. Remember, bringing up sex too soon is a big no when dating Russian girls.

  5. Don’t buy her off.
  6. Bringing flowers and giving gifts on your first date is okay. However, showering your lady with gifts every time you go on a date will leave an impression that you are buying her off. She might think that you are paying her with gifts to go out with you.

    Russian girls are very traditional and they value their culture, including the Russian dating culture. They value quality time with someone over material things. They want to be with someone who will make them happy and support them not only through gifts, but also through physical and emotional aspects.

    Another good trait women in Russia have is being hardworking. This is so they can buy whatever their hearts desire. So there’s no need for you to buy your date off every time. Keep your budget intact and don’t spoil her with material things.

  7. Don’t be arrogant.
  8. Another thing that you should avoid when dating a Russian lady is being arrogant. These women are confident and they also want to meet a man who is as confident as them. However, being confident that leads to arrogance is a big turn-off for them.

    If you want to build a strong long-term relationship with a Russian woman, you have to stop showing off. Sure, you can tell her about yourself — like your work, hobbies, etc. But avoid doing this all the time.

    Don’t brag about your high-paying job, your cars, or your houses. This will only give Russian ladies the impression that you want to get their attention not because you like them, but because you want someone to hear about how great you are.

  9. Don’t be boring.
  10. If you are the type of guy who works 24/7, you might want to slow down and learn to do fun things, especially if you want to keep dating a Russian lady. These women have busy schedules too, but they always make time to have fun and socialize. So don’t be boring and just have fun!

    You may plan out-of-the-country trips with your lady or just stay at home and watch some movies together. What’s important is that you are able to make time for her. One of the secrets to having a long-term and healthy interracial relationship is making time for your partner. Thus, manage your schedule well, live and enjoy life, and have fun.

  11. Don’t mock her beliefs.
  12. As mentioned, Russian women are very traditional. They also have superstitious beliefs, most of which might be different from yours. But that does not mean that you have the right to mock them.

    Mocking a Russian woman’s beliefs and culture will give her the impression that you don’t take her seriously. So as long as you want to have a potential Russian wife, respect her.

    It is important for Russian women to meet someone who will respect and accept them, as well as their culture. So if you want to know how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you, disregard your side comments.

    Russian women can be challenging to date. They may even be too much to handle. Then again, nothing is too much for someone who wants to go for it. If you want to maintain a strong relationship with a Russian girl, you have to know the things you should do when dating her, as well as the things you shouldn't. Don’t blow your chances and be sure to take our Russian dating tips to heart.

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