Dating a Russian Woman | Important Dates to Remember

A man kissing a Russian woman. Make your Russian woman fall even more in love with you by giving her flowers during these important dates.

Russian women have started receiving flowers at an early age since it plays a great part in their culture and is deeply rooted in every Russian’s soul. They will never get used to it, otherwise, they will lose their sense of appreciation for every flower they receive. It is a special practice embedded in the very core of their being; hence, it never gets old.

It takes a whole lot of effort and sincerity when dating Russian women. It doesn’t have to be hard as there are different ways to get started. But you can never go wrong with flowers; that’s why you get to remember to give only even-numbered bouquets during these important dates:


Get ready to be greeted with a huge, lovely smile from your Russian woman! You’re not only telling her she’s always been in your mind; you’re also showing her you’ve been taking your time reading into Russian culture and researching on how to please a Russian woman --- these are both WOW factors for Russian women for marriage. Don’t forget to give flowers to her mother and sisters too because involving her family in the picture is a manifestation of how sincere you are toward her.


If she has invited you to her home, then congratulations! Your Russian woman is comfortable being with you and that you have earned her trust. It’s better to know whether she lives with her family or not, but just to be safe, bring simple yet nice flowers or a houseplant, along with wine or sweets if you can. Avoid yellow flowers because these are only suitable for funerals.


This is very important because it’s her special day! Give flowers other than roses; otherwise, you’re telling her you haven’t really thought about it. It’s important to know and remember her birthday and the flowers she prefers. Don’t be afraid to ask her because chances are, she’s just waiting for you to. Pair it with a giant bear and watch her hug it tightly and sweetly. Doesn’t it warm your heart?


From New Year’s Eve to Christmas Eve, give her flowers because why not? Again, you can never go wrong when it comes to giving flowers. Twist it up a bit by giving fresh flowers in a basket, or how about a large preserved rose in a dome? Do give her family flowers as well. When pursuing a Russian woman, you have to get in touch with her family because she’d like it when they accept you into their lives. Remind them of your sincerity toward their beautiful daughter at every chance you get.


You’ve become aware of just how much Russian women are into flowers. Surprise her with flowers every now and then... just because. She will think of you all day. Every effort you’re pouring into to her will not go unnoticed. A rose is seen as effortless, so mix it up with carnations because it has been noted as the flower that symbolizes deep love and has surpassed the beauty of roses.

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