How to Charm Russian Women

Dating Russian Women Capture the hearts of Russian women by being what they want in a man.

A lot of men find themselves enamored with Russian women. But many of those men are not anywhere near Russia. This means that they didn’t get a lot of exposure to women from Russia. In fact, not a lot of people outside of Russia really know about their women.

You might be wondering how to make a Russian woman fall in love with you. Well, it turns out that you might need more than a broom to sweep them off their feet.

Some men have a hard time charming women. Those men may find themselves having an even harder time with women who come from a different culture.

Desirability in a partner varies from place to place. So a guy who’s looking at Russian women for marriage is going to have to brush up on the local culture.

While it may take a few years of immersion to truly understand Russian culture, there are a few things a guy can do to start wooing women. Little things that he can do either online or in person.

Russian Women LOVE an old-school gentleman

There’s a lot to be said about traditional gender roles. One of those things is how prevalent they are in Russia. Women in Russia have an expectation that the men will act a certain way, that they’ll do certain gestures with the women they’re with.

These gestures include pulling out her chair and offering your coat when it gets cold. Being a gentleman is expected.

Making Slavic Women Laugh Indicates Attraction

A guy with a sense of humor is going to have an easier time dating than a guy who’s dry and humorless. So anyone looking to date should practice being funny.

Humor is cultural. While it can be common ground, what’s funny in one country is going to fall flat in another. Sometimes, the language barrier gets in the way and jokes don’t translate well if at all.

If you want to charm Russian women, then you’re going to want to brush up on Russian humor by watching local comedians. You may not be able to deliver the jokes the same way, but you can get a sense of what’s funny to Russians and what’s not.

Dressing Well Will Impress Women in Russia

Why are Russian women so beautiful? Because they put effort into their appearance, especially when dating. So a guy who wants to date a Russian woman should put effort into his appearance as well.

This does not mean you should go to a salon and get a blowout. But you should make an effort to look presentable. Scrub your face, make sure your teeth are clear, brush your hair, and shave if you have to - the basic things that make a man look clean.

But it’s not just basic grooming that you have to put effort into. You should also put on good clothes when you’re dating.

That’s not to say to put on a bespoke suit. Not at all, but you should put on clean clothes that are not wrinkly or stained.

The clothes should also fit well. Clothes that are too big will look baggy and unflattering. Clothes that are too small may be uncomfortable and may restrict your mobility.

Being well-dressed and well-groomed also gives off the impression that you are able to take care of yourself. Infantilism is not a desirable trait in a partner.

Russian girls pay attention to how they dress. While many people feel dressing to feel comfortable has value, most women in Russia dress to look their best.

Many Russian men neglect this aspect and you will not want to blend in with local men. When you dress good, you'll feel good.

Looking your best will even improve body language and can be effortlessly charming if done correctly.

Take Care of the Bill with Russian Girls

There are certain things that some women do nowadays and one of those things is paying for dates. But that’s not something that’s prevalent in Russia. Going Dutch is not an option, so you’ll be reaching for your wallet more often than not.

There’s also the implication that paying for everything displays a level of financial security. Having some financial security indicates you’ve been successful.

Women in Russia Expect Your Respect

Russian women can be proud. Not overly proud, but they’re going to know their worth. This means that any man who wants to date one is going to have to recognize their innate worth and be respectful of it.

Charming people can detect how a person feels and usually adjust their behavior to mirror those emotions.

You may not have to worship the ground at her feet, but don’t you make her feel like she is inferior to you in any way. If you do, you’re not likely to have much success in the future because a woman who feels disrespected by a man is not going to want to date that man.

If you find yourself in the position of dating a woman from Russia, then make a point to treat her with the respect to which she’s entitled.

In business, there's this thing called the waiter rule - if you’re at a business lunch or dinner and someone is polite to you but rude to the waiter, then they’re feigning politeness because they want something from you.

Women aren’t dumb and they’ll notice if you’re only respectful of them. The courtesy that you extend shouldn’t be limited to just her. You should also be courteous to everyone around you.

Stand By Your Decisions

Make a decision and stick to it. There are few things that are a bigger turn-off for Russian women than a man with no visible spine. Constantly fretting over making a decision and continually second-guessing can, whether justified or not, hint at weakness. Women and men both respect a person who can make a solid decision and stick by it.

Confidence Can Be VERY Charming

Building on the above point, you should also be confident. This is not to say you’ve got to become arrogant, but you should be able to look a person in the eye without wanting to flinch. People with charming personalities often find confidence to be second nature.

If you’re generally lacking in confidence for whatever reason, then there are ways to invoke confidence. For example, putting lifts in your shoes can make you taller by an inch or two and studies show that tall people are confident.

Even if you don’t feel the confidence that comes with being taller than average, looking the part can project confidence. This is because tall people are seen as more dominant. They don’t have to be more dominant, but their height gives off the illusion of power.

Not everyone knows how to charm Russian women. But there are a few things that a man can do to increase his chances of getting a date with one.

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