How to Be More Attractive to Russian Women

 A photo of a beautiful Russian woman wearing a black parka Here’s how you can make yourself more attractive in the eyes of Russian women. | Photo by Max Titov on Unsplash

Attractiveness isn’t just based on physical appearances, social status, wealth, or power.

While Russian women have their own standards when searching for potential partners, it goes without saying that women in general may have the same criteria when it comes to determining the attractiveness of a person.

The bottom line is that you will need to know how you can make yourself more attractive so that dating in Russia will be easier and more worthwhile.

Knowing how to please a Russian woman and making sure you can effectively communicate with her are all part of the dating process. At the end of the day, however, the way you present yourself to these ladies will greatly factor in their decision about considering you as someone they would want to be romantically involved with.

Only a small percentage of Russia’s population can speak English, so you'll have to find another way to make a good impression — be the most desired man in the room. There are several long standing and scientifically proven ways to be more attractive in the eyes of women you want to impress, and it’s your job to acquaint yourself with these things to become the kind of man Russian women will want to date.

Other than that, the following are some simple tips you can apply to attract women in Russia:

  1. Wear your smile and just be kind.
  2. It has been proven time and again that being kind is so much more impressive than being physically attractive. In fact, most Russian ladies prefer men who are kind and gentlemanly. Nothing beats a sensible man who looks out for his woman by offering to help carry her bags, opening the car door, pulling up a seat, or making sure she gets home safely.

    It is every girl’s dream to meet someone with a good sense of character. In Russia alone, women fancy chivalry more than superficial qualities, so you might as well be the most well bred person in the room rather than the most good looking one.

    Being nice also means putting on a happy face; just make sure to be genuine about it as you might give off the impression that you’re too smug or proud.

    How, you ask? There’s a simple trick you can do — practice spreading your smile slowly across your face and be more aware in showing that instead of a quick grin. For all you know, men who smile genuinely are deemed as more trustworthy than those with a habit of flashing grins. Keep in mind that eye contact is also important when you do this.

  3. Be romantic.
  4. Russian women are huge fans of everything romantic, and they themselves know how to sweep you off your feet. They want to have a man whom they can count on, but they also want to be showered with love and affection from time to time.

    Unfortunately, most Russian men are not showy of their feelings. Their country doesn’t even have an official term for a girlfriend — only a bride or wife — which is why they tend to treat their lovers as if they’re married. As a result, they act possessive and may forget about romanticizing their significant other, which then leads to the impression that they aren’t as romantic as western men.

    To outshine other guys and be deemed more attractive to a Russian woman, go beyond whatever Russian dating rules you learned and treat your lady to a romantic experience she will never forget. Spice up your relationship with thrilling gifts, and don’t wait for an occasion to get her something nice.

    Take note of the things she likes and surprise her with them. Giving her flowers is always a classic go-to option. As a matter of fact, Russian girls never get tired of receiving a bouquet of flowers even if there is no special occasion.

  5. Try on a new look.
  6. Although physical looks will come to matter at a certain point, always remember that it will never be enough to catch a Russian woman’s attention.

    There are a few alterations you can make that have been proven to be very effective in attracting women. But of course, these are things that you should be comfortable with. For starters, try going for heavier stubbles rather than a lighter one, a full beard, or a clean-shaven face. It should take at least around ten days to get the right amount of stubble.

    If you’re more on the muscular side, don’t be too showy about it. In general, women prefer less muscular men than crossfit ones. If you want to be extra attractive on your first meeting with Russian women, try wearing shirts in the shade of red, and complete your overall look with a pair of sunglasses.

    Believe it or not, women have a tendency to think that those who are wearing anything red are more attractive compared to those in other colors. Sunglasses add up to your appeal as well. Your eyes are deemed to be the window to your soul, so wearing sunglasses can give off a mysterious vibe, something that most women also find attractive.

    Most of all, strive to look important. It turns out that women are naturally attracted to men who present themselves with high status. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sound arrogant, you will just need to sound confident and that you know what you’re doing. If you want a quick confidence boost, try wearing cologne or a light-scented deodorant, and never overdo it.

  7. Surround yourself with friends.
  8. In photos or in personal chitchats, make it known to your Russian interest that you have your own circle of friends. While being mysterious is a unique way to get a woman’s attention, you should still be able to make yourself approachable.

    This is also known as the cheerleader effect where you are deemed more attractive when you are with a group of people, whether it’s in photos or in person, as it evens out your facial features with the rest. Should you travel, make sure that you go out with a group of trusted friends so that you can have a repertoire of photos your Russian lady can look through on social media or on your personal online profile.

  9. Make her laugh.
  10. Men with a healthy sense of humor never fail to attract women. Women in Russia know very well that men who can make them laugh are keepers. This is where those who rely on their looks tend to fall short because even in the simplest of conversations, it’s always a major plus if you are able to make a woman smile.

    These are just some of the ways you can attract beautiful Russian women. If you’re aiming to be in a long term relationship, you might as well start off on the right foot by knowing how to make yourself a more attractive and appealing man. Rest assured, when your lady falls in love with you, it’s definitely because of your impressive qualities, not your physical appearance.

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