Dating a Single Mom: Pros and Cons

Mother and toddler

In case you aren’t aware of what you’re getting yourself into, here are some of the pros and cons of dating a single mother.


1. She’s low maintenance

Single mothers have so many priorities that being needy is the least of their concerns. You won’t find her asking for your time or help. She’s independent and not used to receiving things.

So, you don’t have to worry about providing or doing things for her. It’s not that they only want the bare minimum, but they can perfectly maintain things on their own.

2. She’s into serious relationships

If you’re someone stable, got past casual dating, and just want to seriously commit with someone this time, why not give a single mom a shot?

A single mother has no time to engage in tedious relationship games. She has no time for partying all night and flirting with random guys either. All she asks is a man who’s able to keep a long-term relationship.

3. She’s reliable

Raising a kid or children on her own takes a certain level of maturity and a sense of responsibility.

So when you’re with a single mother, expect her to take care of you the same way she does to her children. Her children won’t have any other role model, so she will try her best to be the most loyal, reliable, and responsible person her children will look up to.

4. You’ll have plenty of free time

A single mother has a lot on her plate — sending her children to school, securing their future, keeping a job, and many more. She won’t even have enough time to be with you.

But, instead of getting frustrated about it, try to look at it positively. After all, you won't have to date someone who’ll nag you every second or constantly check up on you.


1. You won’t be her top priority

You’ll have to accept the fact that her children will always be her top priority. She may not always say yes to date nights because her children need to be tucked into bed. Or she may leave mid-dinner because her teenage daughter called and asked to be picked up.

Part of dating her is accepting that children will always take up their mother’s time.

2. You’ll never get rid of the baby daddy

Baby Daddy dramas are part of the package deal that comes with dating a single mom.

Whether they broke up on good terms or not, her ex will always be part of the picture. You can never take away the children’s dad, no matter how much his presence irritates you.

Even while dating you, she can never completely cut ties with her ex because they both have to look after their children.

3. Her kids might not like you

Grown up or not, you can’t expect her kids to welcome you with open arms.

They’re either too young to understand why their mom’s with you instead of their dad, or they might feel threatened by your presence because they believe they'll have to compete for her attention.

Either way, you need to have patience in winning her kids' approval.

4. She may not want more children

She knows firsthand how hard it is to raise a kid, and she may not want to go through it again — even with you promising to help out. She may also just feel content with the ones she has.

You may have to convince her if you want to have children of your own or simply respect her decision.

Single mothers are just as worthy of love as childless and never-married women. They love wholeheartedly and unconditionally and are responsible enough to bravely raise a child on their own.

However, given children will always be part of the picture, dating a single mom is a decision you need to give serious thought through.

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