Breaking Down Cultural Differences When Dating Russian Women

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Salt and pepper, coffee and cream, nuts and bolts. lock and key -- no matter how different these things are, they always go together. One does not function well without the other and absence of one would not be less than ideal and while you may differ in culture with Russian women, you can still go together perfectly with one of them.

When you are in the dating world, you get to meet potential partners here and there and you may find yourself at some point hesitant to make a move on a certain someone you’re attracted to because of cultural differences. But why think twice for a Russian woman?

There are instances wherein a man falls in love within just a fraction of a second and when it deepens, things become serious on a whole different level. If you are wondering as to why are Russian women so beautiful, perhaps you are drawn to how captivating their beauty might be but truly, there is more than what meets the eye.

Women in Russia are known for their beauty and this has become one of the reasons that they are one of the most sought after by foreign men all across different parts of the world. Are you dating one? Well, learn some of the ways on how to handle your cultural differences by breaking these down:

Acknowledge one another’s stand in family relationships.

One of the ways you can learn how to please a Russian woman is to recognize how important family is in her life. Different from western culture in which families of the partner are met only when marriage is impending, Russian ladies have it in an opposite way.

You may find yourself meeting the whole family only after going out together three times. This is because they prefer to seek the approval and opinion of their families in regards to their choice of partner.

You can overcome this when you simply spend time with them and make wonderful memories. Make them trust you, as this stage is vital to Russian women.

Balance out your gender roles.

In Russia, gender equality is almost limited to theory but not in practice. Gender roles are still prevalent in some parts when you are in Russia and you most likely might find women fighting for their rights in several other aspects.

If you come from a country where women are as empowered as men, break down this difference of yours by knowing where your stand is as a man. It is important to know who does what, especially for a man and woman in a relationship.

Even though you are brought together through a dating service, this does not mean that you would not be able to break down this certain cultural difference.

Communicate by connecting.

A language barrier is one of the most prominent cultural differences that affect mixed race couples. A foreign man and a Russian woman might not be able to understand each other at all times. Despite this, a Russian woman can still be together with a foreign man.

One key to overcome this is to communicate with her by connecting. See to it that you speak in a language where your hearts and thoughts meet. Communication is not only limited to verbal cues, but nonverbal cues sometimes matter more in one way or another.

Even though you may not speak in the same language fluently, do not be held back by this. Instead, learn deep communication and apply it best whenever you can to establish a strong bond with her.

Decipher financial issues in the right way.

For a man dating a woman from Russia, you might be surprised to find how men almost always pay on every date. As sensitive a topic it is, especially for those in a budding relationship yet, money and finances is something that should not be easily brushed off your shoulders.

For you to be able to break down this cultural difference, simply talk about finances with her. Make sure that you emphasize agreeing and meeting each other halfway. Do not, in any way, make it look like she is financially dependent on you. She might take it the wrong way and surely that is something you would love to avoid.

As you progress in the relationship, do not hesitate to share your expenses together because there will always come a point wherein one has to give almost as much the other gives.

Envisioning the future in the long run.

If you are wondering what to expect from a Russian woman, then start by knowing that they tend to think of marriage earlier than any other people of another culture. To simply put in words, Russian women date to marry. They do not engage in relationships only to simply ‘hang out’ or ‘have fun’ and ‘sing their hearts away’.

Instead, they may think of marriage even while still at an early stage of your relationship, given you maintain a harmonious and stable one. As Russian culture values family very differently, there is pressure on these ladies for them to be able to build their own family at least at the age of 25.

Are you surprised enough? Well, there has got to be more. The number of medical professionals such as doctors who push women to bear children as early as they can is not exactly zero.

You do not date to play. Break down this barrier by getting serious in everything about her. Have an end in mind, and be firm in your decisions before being involved with a Russian woman. At the end of the day, it is of utmost importance that you are not able to break someone’s heart.

Different Culture Come Together

The world out there is wide and the sky is always the limit with Russian women. Mountains go endless and river flows do not cease to exist. You may be totally different from the places you originate, but you can always make your differences be the strength of your relationship.

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