5 Surefire Ways to Break the Ice on Dating Apps

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So, you’ve found a match on a dating app. What now?

If you want to get to know your match, you’ll have to initiate a conversation. But it can be a challenge if you don’t know where or how to start.

Breaking the ice on face-to-face dates is awkward enough. Doing that online with a complete stranger is even more challenging, especially for dating app first-timers.

Words are powerful, and choosing the right ones is important if you want to keep a conversation going.

Think about what you’re going to say and how you’ll say it to prevent embarrassing moments.

That said, here are 5 tried and tested ways to break the ice for easier interactions.

1. Don’t start with just a “hey”

Vague and uninspired greetings aren’t great conversation starters. A simple “hey” isn’t likely to get you anywhere because of its generic nature.

Go for openers that compel your matches to reply. Get off to a good start by talking about something you’ve noticed on their profile. You can pick these observations up from their bios or profile pictures. This lets them know that they’ve got your full attention.

2. Get a joke (or two) in

If there’s one thing everyone wants in a match, it’s a sense of humor. Making someone laugh is always a welcome skill to have, so why not use that to your advantage? Humor will never be overrated.

Want to cut the awkwardness? Ease the tension through a joke. Use your wit to come up with something that’ll make your match laugh. If you’re not the type to make jokes on the fly, that’s okay! You can always use trusty and clever puns that align with your humor.

3. Use GIFs

If you still find yourself tongue-tied at this point, use pictures. After all, they’re worth a thousand words.

If your preferred dating app allows it, make things more fun and interesting by sending GIFs instead. They allow people to express their thoughts and feelings in ways that words can’t.

We suggest sending a funny one to break the ice. You can also opt for a GIF that’s relevant to your match’s profile to get them talking.

4. Give genuine compliments

A compliment never fails to make someone’s day. If you want to start on the right foot, give your match a genuine compliment. Old-fashioned pickup lines won’t do.

Appreciating their physical appearance is good and all, but we suggest going for their interests and hobbies instead. We’re 100% sure that they’ll appreciate them more than the generic “Hey, sexy” messages.

5. Don’t beat around the bush

When all else fails, getting straight to the point is the best option. Something as simple as “Hey, [match’s name]! I’m glad that we matched. Thrilled to meet you!” is a good opener.

While you can follow that statement with an interesting question, you can also wait for your match’s reply. Their response may surprise you and lead to interesting conversations.

First messages leave a lasting impact when it comes to online dating. Break the ice and leave a good impression by taking these tactics into consideration as you make your move.

Best of luck!

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