Pre and Post-Soviet Dating Habits in Russia

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Modern Russian dating culture has retained similar dynamics as post-Soviet traditions.

Women in Russia frequently regard their partners or husbands as the family’s leaders. Traditional Russian culture has clearly defined gender roles, with women preferring to stay at home and care for their families over pursuing professional advancement.

However, society is changing, and Russian women are bridging gender divides. A growing number of women are taking proactive leadership roles in Russian society, ushering in a new era for career women.

The Gendered Regime vs Contemporary Women

In Russian linguistics, men are occasionally referred to as the stronger sex. Women, on the other hand, are referred to as the prettier sex rather than the weaker sex.

This is due to Russian society’s notion of male gallantry culture. At all times, men are expected to be gentlemen, while women are expected to be prim and proper and well-dressed.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Republic issued a list of occupations that women were not permitted to pursue, based on the assumption that men were the stronger sex and women were the more attractive. These were jobs that required manual labor or put workers in danger of being exposed to hazardous chemicals. The parallel in the list was that these jobs were harmful to women, and it was the responsibility of the state to protect Soviet women’s fertility.

Several landmark lawsuits in Russia have been won in favor of gender equality, paving the way for more women to take on leadership roles and commanding positions at work.

Despite the fact that modern feminism is very prevalent in Russian society today, dating norms and traditions from pre-Soviet Russia still exist. Men are still expected to be chivalrous, and women are still pressured to marry young.

In today’s dating scene, the concept of traditional gender roles is still present. When it comes to asking women out, planning dates, and paying the bill, men are expected to take the lead.

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Often referred to as the prettier sex, pre-soviet culture placed much emphasis on protecting the fertility of women.

Commitment is also a major concern when it comes to dating, as Russian women prefer long-term relationships to the Western dating scene, where short-term flings are the norm.

Modern Dating Traditions in Russia

When it comes to dating in Russia, you’ll notice that the majority of dating norms haven’t changed much since the pre-Soviet era. Even though women are more independent these days, men are still expected to take the lead.

A photo of a Russian woman with pink flowers
Commitment is also a big concern in dating as Russian women tend to look for long-term relationships

Make an effort to learn about Russia’s history, culture, and norms if you want to date or marry someone from the country. This way, you can ensure that you understand what you’re getting into and that you can proceed without hesitation.

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