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Red Flags Men Encounter Dating Russian Women

beautiful Russian woman Russian women are real beauties, but you don’t just pick anyone for the long term. Learn about the dating red flags first. | Image Source :

Most of us have the tendency to impress our ladies on the first date rather than figuring out if they’re really our best fit. This is especially true when dating Russian women. They can wear the most admirable faces, dazzling bodies, and alluring ways of carrying themselves that we tend to forget digging into the deep.

When you start dating Russian women for marriage, you just don’t pick anyone. You date someone who checks your boxes, but of course, the realistic ones. So when you do meet her, you don’t confine her to the box of your expectations.

Allow her to breathe away from perfection and be a normal human being with equal awesomeness and flaws. Only then can you distance yourself and see the bigger picture.

This isn’t everything about how to please a Russian woman but an article that deals with the practical, rational side of relationships. In dating a Russian woman, you need tactful advice to save your heart from the evitable trap of toxic relationships or to simply know if someone is worth fighting for or not.

Here are just a few of the glaring red flags to watch out for when dating Russian girls:

  • She is overly critical about her previous partners.
  • Without intending to, people follow patterns. How they treat their past relationships will most likely resurface to their current partner. Listen closely to how your date describes her previous relationships.

    Does she talk as if it was solely her exes’ fault that their relationship crumbled and went beyond fix? Add to that is talking how crazy and terrible her exes are while playing the victim between the lines.

    If she fusses over her past partners with a bitter tongue, it’s likely that she will also do the same to you unless she really has a knack in choosing absolutely worst people from her past or her eyes are simply inclined to seeing people in a distorted way.

  • She holds a double standard.
  • You know you’re with an emotional manipulator when she holds a double standard in your relationship. For instance, she might affirm and yet deny, criticize, or dismiss your feelings toward her. You get a gut feeling that something isn’t really right.

  • She is very clingy.
  • Within the first few dates, she then asks you for an exclusivity in your relationship. While it may initially feel flattering, if she constantly displays more signs of neediness, she is probably not all that into you. Perhaps, she’s more interested in the thought of having a boyfriend. This sense of extreme desperation and neediness is a terrible foundation for a relationship—a definite red flag when dating.

  • It’s all just about her.
  • Your daily life, conversations, and agendas start to revolve just around your Russian beauty date. Even worse, when you start opening up about your concerns, she manipulates and flips the conversation rather than listening to you.

    She will dart you all the things that you’ve done to hurt and upset them. She never really cares about you or your concerns; she only cares about herself and doesn’t even know how to apologize.

    A sure sign of a narcissist she could be when she believes she isn’t wrong about anything and will constantly feel victimized and attacked when you’re just simply expressing your feelings over a situation. Over time, you feel alone and guilty, even doubting your self-confidence and worth.

  • She overreacts even to simple things.
  • Yes, women can be sometimes so exaggerated compared to their male counterparts. However, that doesn’t give them an excuse to put even the simplest of things to drama. You’ve gotten a long way traveling to Russia, and right on, you meet your woman face to face along with her endless dramas.

    Attitude does matter, and when you see her bawling at the waiter just because he brought her the wrong side dish, you’ll need to find a way to the exit. In giving off huge outbursts to minor inconveniences, she probably has anger management issues or may yet be emotionally immature. Unless you want to be with such a kind of girl for the rest of your life, you will have to search for an exit.

  • She doesn’t respect you.
  • Disrespect can be blatant or subtle. It’s an obvious disrespect when she constantly shows up late, blows you off, or yells at you in the public. Sometimes, you can get so nuts over her that you tend to overlook these signs.

    However, in this case, you do have control. You can’t just go running away without ever figuring out if she can be willing to change. She’d probably start showing you respect when you stand on your ground to set your boundaries.

    You might probably want to avoid confrontations that may lead to possible conflict. Truth is, women have more respect for guys who have boundaries and open them up, man enough to say “no” at a proper time, and have standards to stick by.

  • Her commitment is questionable.
  • She may quickly drift from one interest to another. This may infer to how she may view relationships. If she constantly bounces from one interest to the next, it may mean that she easily gets bored and has commitment issues. If she’s flying through things like this, this could show in her attitude toward relationships; that is, flying through boyfriends as well.

  • She cheated on her last partner with you.
  • As mentioned, there could be a pattern. However, you should not overanalyze things just by knowing she has the tendency to quickly get bored and drift from one interest to another.

    One obvious way to tell whether she can commit to your relationship or not is when their previous relationships overlapped with the next one. If they cheated on their last partner for you, that’s nothing special. It will only be a matter of time before she starts cheating on you, too.

  • She demands your email, phone, or social media passwords.
  • It indubitably just means she doesn’t trust you that much. You are completely entitled to your own privacy and autonomy - to check your accounts with peace knowing that non one’s breathing over your shoulder.

  • She can swing to different moods in a nanosecond.
  • A quick change of contrasting attitude isn’t cute at all. One moment, she’s very rude and yelling at you with all names but then she abruptly turns back to her sweet and charming disposition.

    Isn’t that completely confusing? Well, you don’t have to settle with that for the rest of your life so keep moving. Run away as much as possible.

    In dating Russian women, keep your mind and heart sharp. There are a lot of beauties out there but always choose the one who can prove her beauty in and out.

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Newest, beautiful, single women now added for week of Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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